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You’ve taken an important step forward in considering Hydroswing® to meet your needs. But now the question is, "How should I pay for my equipment?"

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At Hydroswing®Financial, we know equipment. We know how it's used, and what it means to you and your operation.

ZERO DOWN — 60 MONTH TERM — $1 BUYOUT or FMV — DOOR LEASE FROM Hydroswing®— Example 45’ x 16’ Hydroswing® for $49.99 per week including 3 window frame outs, 1 walk door frame out, shot blasted and epoxy Carboline Carboguard primer

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Throughout your lease, all warranty items are replaced and restored to factory condition.

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SafeHydroswing® is the world's leading designer and manufacturer of hydraulic door systems, manufacturing hydraulic doors and walls now for over 10 years with over 7,000 units in service worldwide. It is supplied with touch of button opening and closing with excellent sealing and security, locked closed by the hydraulic system when in the closed position. Manufactured in several ISO 9001 fabrication locations in USA, Mexico and Europe.
SecureDoor sections are constructed with structural steel tube (of ASTM-A500 grade minimum) frames to comply with applied wind code. The Hydroswing® door system has a very small moving part count and is exceptionally reliable and robust with very low in service life operating costs. Door frame is primed with Carboline CarboGuard epoxy for corrosion resistance and be prepared for field finishing if required. Door speed is no less than 18' [5486] per minute.
ReliableDoors are locked closed by means of the hydraulic cylinders providing a minimum of 1000 lbs of closing force and not by manual locks, catches or door latches. The neoprene seals make the Hydroswing® almost air tight. The door can be covered in almost any cladding to make your door almost impregnable. Security cameras and any style of security locks can be fitted to the door. We can supply backup systems for emergency use.
VersatileWith cladding weight up to 5lbs per foot, you can cover your door in almost anything. This makes it incredibly heat or cold efficient and can match the style of your building carrying even brick finish! Single or 3 phase 230v power units and push button operation or remote control are standard options. The dual panel system saves space and works well in some architectural designs. Walk doors and windows are easy, but we can fit Hydroswing® doors inside another Hydroswing® door!